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The All-Ireland Championships and National Leagues are the highlights of the GAA Calendar. With 32 Counties in Ireland, as well as London and New York from the Britain GAA Provincial Council and World Games taking part, there is plenty of competition in the four most popular sports of Hurling, Gaelic Football, Camogie and Ladies Gaelic. Both Club and County honours are to sought, and in the GAA the season is split into a National League usually playing over the Winter Months followed by the All-Ireland Championships, usually fought out over the summer. The All-Ireland Club Finals take place around St. Patrick’s Day, and the All-Ireland County Championships in September.

Gaelic Football

Gaelic Football is one of the four original GAA Charter Sports of 1884, and the most popular, played to the highest level throughout the 32 Counties as well as 14 Counties around the World. It is 15-a-side and Goals (worth 3 Points) are scored as well as Points (Over the Bar – worth 1 Point). it is organised like most GAA Games on a County, Provincial and All-Ireland basis with Club Competitions providing the bedrock of the game, and the best club players representing their counties. Within both Club and County Competitions there is the League (usually run over the winter months) and the Championship (usually run over the summer months).

Featured Image: Photo Contributor: Dirk Hudson (2020) 14th August 2020, Dublin, Ireland. Various county team jerseys hanging up in the players dressing room under the Cusack Stand in Croke Park Stadium, located in Jones’ Rd, Drumcondra, Dublin. [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 26 July 2022]

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GAA Gaelic Football

Offaly and Westmeath play in the Leinster Football Championship at Croke Park


Hurling is an ancient Gaelic Irish Sport, and one of the four Charter GAA Sports of 1884. It is played with a Hurl or Hurley (stick) and a sliotar (ball) and is one of the fastest team sports in the world. It is 15-a-side and Goals (worth 3 points) are scored as well as points (over the bar – worth one point). It is organised on a Club and County basis like most GAA Sports and has County, Provncial and All-Ireland Championships. Within both Club and County Championships there is the Hurling League (usually run over winter) and the Hurling Championship (usually run over summer). There are about 12 Top Level (Division 1) Counties that play for the Liam McCarthy Cup, as well as the Joe McDonagh Cup (Division 2), Christy Ring Cup (Division 3), and Nicky Rackard (Division 4) and Lory Meaghar Cups (Division 5). Outside of Ireland there are 14 Counties that also play Gaelic Football and sometimes Hurling, with London, Warwickshire and Lancashire taking part in the lower levels of the All-Ireland Championships.

white soccer ball on green grass field
Irish GAA Stamp
Irish GAA Stamp


Camogie is the ladies version of Hurling, with slightly different rules to suit them. It is also 15-a-side and is scored by either goals (worth 3 points) or points (over the bar – worth one point). It is played with a Camog (stick) and ball. It is organised, like most GAA sports on a Club and County basis, with County, Provincial, and All-Ireland Championships. The season is divided in both Club and County into a Camogie League (usually played over winter) and a Camogie Championship (usually played over summer).

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Ladies Gaelic Football

Ladies Gaelic Football, as its name suggests is the Ladies version of Ireland’s most popular sport, and can boast almost as much popularity, with 50,000 recently turning up at Croke Park for the Ladies Gaelic Football All-Ireland Championship Final. It is organised, like most GAA sports on a Club and County basis, with County, Provincial and All-Ireland Championships. The season is divided into a Football League (usually held over winter) and a Championship (usually held over summer). The scoring is similar to Gaelic Football, Hurling and Camogie, with a goal (worth 3 points) and a point (over the bar – worth one point). It is also 15-a-side like Gaelic Football, Hurling and Camogie.

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Colleges GAA

LGFA Higher Education Championship

Gaeltacht GAA

About Comortas Peile na Gaeltachta

Comortas Peile na Gaeltachta is an All Ireland Football Championship held annually since 1969 between Club sides from the Gaeltacht Areas of Donegal (Ulster), Galway and Mayo (Connacht), Kerry, Cork and Waterford (Munster) and Meath (Leinster). [Reference: 8]

American Football Ireland

This is an All-Time Record of Irish 11v11 American Football, including All-Time Results & Standings; International Results; Irish 11v11 American Football Teams; Irish 11v11 American Football Players, Coaches & Officials; Irish American Football Records and Irish American Football Yearbooks. Please use the navigation bar above to see the record of Irish 8v8 American Football (Development Leagues; 2nds Teams; Youth Contact Football) and Flag Football.

This is the Index / Landing Page to the All-Time Results, Standings and Box-Scores of American Football Ireland 11v11 Leagues, College Bowl, Early Pre-Pads Football, Festivals, All-Star Games and Preseasons. Below you will find links to the Results & Tables of the Irish American Football League since its first year in 1986, in increasing levels of detail, depending on how much detail you want

Header Image Credit: [1] Photo by Thomas Ronveaux on [2] American Football Ireland Mini-Helmets by Enda Mulcahy for Eirball [3] Photo by Ricardo CL on [4] Photo by Jean-Daniel Francoeur on

American Football Ireland Premier Era

woman in green and red jersey shirt holding a football

American Football Ireland Results, Standings, Box-Scores and Match Reports

In Depth Match Reports and Box-Scores 1986-Present

AFI Premier Division Era (Box-Scores and Match Reports)

2022: First Full season after COVID Pandemic – University of Limerick Vikings and Trinity College Dublin Thunderbolts relegated from 2019 to AFI Division 1 and South Dublin Panthers promoted

2021: Friendly season

Shamrock Bowl

American Football Ireland Shamrock Bowls 1986-Present

Shamrock Bowl Conference / Premier Season Results

AFI Premier Division (2020-Present): 2020

Picture Credits: [1] Photo by Lucas Andrade on

[2] Photo by Jon on

Irish American Football Association Era

In 2001, a new administration – the Irish American Football Association – re-established the Irish American Football League, as a Winter League in 2001, and a Spring League in 2002, and then in 2003 as ‘Division 1’  with an 8-Man Division 2. Divisions 1 & 2 were merged into one 11-Man, 6-team IAFL in 2004, and the League expanded to 11 teams by 2008, when a new 8-Man Development League was again re-introduced, to help newer teams starting out, and help existing clubs field second teams. the Development League became a full 11-Man Second Level in 2013, with the two tiers renamed the Shamrock Bowl Conference &  IAFL 1 Conference. A third Tier, the IAFL 2 Conference was introduced in 2014, leading to a 23-team League at its height. In 2020 the Irish American Football Association was renamed American Football Ireland, under new management, President Orla McAleese, the first Female President of the Association.

man wearing green american football jersey holding the ball while running on the field

American Football Ireland Results, Standings, Box-Scores and Match Reports

In Depth Match Reports and Box-Scores 1986-Present

IAFL Spring & Autumn League Era (Box-Scores & Match Reports):

2004 2003 2002 2001 1999

Shamrock Bowl Conference / Irish American Football League Final Standings by Era and Results by Year 1998-2019

IAFA/IAFL Shamrock Bowl Conference (2013-2019):

Irish American Football League Shamrock Bowl Conference 2013-2019

2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013

IAFA Irish American Football League (2006-2012):

Irish American Football Association Irish American Football League 2006-2012

2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006

Autumn and Spring League Era (1998-2005):

Irish American Football League Winter and Spring League Era 1997-2005

2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 1999 1998

Image Credits: [1] Photo by Ricardo CL on

[2] Photo by Pixabay on

American Football Association of Ireland Era

The Irish American Football League has been running since 1986. The first Shamrock Bowl (Ireland’s Super Bowl or Title Game) was played in 1986 and the first full Irish American Football League season in 1987. For the first three seasons the League operated in Ireland only, and then in 1989 became part of the Combined Gridiron League which operated throughout Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales. In 1990 the League returned to an Ireland-only league, but only in Northern Ireland, with the sole Republic of Ireland representatives, the Dublin Celts, playing in the UK Second Division (NCMMA) and playing a series of exhibition matches against the Northern Irish teams. Following on from the Irish League Final, the Champions of the Irish League played against the Dublin Celts in the Shamrock Bowl. In 1991 an All-Ireland American Football League was re-established, under the American Football association of Ireland banner, which became the Irish Senior League in 1997, under new management. This was a time when the initial excitement for the new sport faded, and the NFL was no longer on terrestrial TV in Ireland or Britain, and the number of teams dropped to 3 in 1999, and then in 2000 there was no league

football player at gaming field

American Football Association of Ireland 1984-1997

AFAI All-Ireland American Football League (Box-Scores & Match Reports):

1995 1994 1992

AFAI Irish American Football League Early Era (Box-Scores and Match Reports)

1987: First Full Season – Addition of Belfast Spartans, Bangor Buccaneers, Jordanstown Jaguars, Belfast Giants, Dublin Tornadoes and East Side Jets. SBII Dublin Celts 43 Craigavon Cowboys 25

1986: First Season: 5 teams – Dublin Celts, Coleraine Chieftains, Belfast Blitzers, Carrickfergus Cougars and Craigavon Cowboys.SBI Craigavon Cowboys 6 Dublin Celts 2

Irish American Football League Overviews

Final Standings by Era and Results by Year 1983-1997

AFAI All-Ireland AFL (1991-1997):

All-Ireland American Football League 1990-1996

1997 1996 1995 1994 1993 1992 1991

Irish League and Conference Era (1984-1990):

Irish American Football League 1983-1989

1990 1989 1988 1987 1986 1985 1984

Picture Credits: [1] Photo by Cos Marc on

[2] Photo by Pixabay on

American Football Ireland Division 1 and 2

man wearing green american football jersey holding the ball while running on the field

AFI 1 Bowl

American Football Ireland 1 Bowls 2014-Present

AFI Division 1 (2020-Present):

2023 Division 1 Bowl: TBC

2022 Division 1 Bowl: Westmeath Minotaurs 16 UL Vikings 13


American Football Ireland 1 Division 2013-Present

IAFA / IAFL 1 Conference (2013-2019):

Irish American Football League | 1 Conference 2013-2019

2019 2018  2017 2016 2015 2014 2013

AFI 2 Bowl

American Football Ireland 2 Bowls 2014-Present

American Football Ireland 2 Division 2014-Present

AFI Division 2 (2020-Present):


IAFA / IAFL 2 Conference (2014-2019):

Irish American Football League | 2 Conference 2014-2019

2019 2017 2016 2015 2014 

Picture Credits: [1] Photo by Jean-Daniel Francoeur on

[2] Photo by Pixabay on

Basketball Ireland

Basketball Ireland was founded as the Amateur Basketball Association of Ireland in 1947, and after playing a County and Club Championship format for nearly 30 years switched to a National Basketball League based on clubs in 1973. This became professionalised with the import of American players during the 1979-80 season and the name of the organisation was changed to the Irish Basketball Association to reflect this. The IBA became Basketball Ireland in 2003 and organises National Leagues, Cups and Tournaments as well as entering International competitions.

National Basketball Leagues

This is the Eirball Index Page to the All-Time Results and Standings of the Basketball Ireland National Leagues. First founded in 1973-74 after 27 years of the Amateur Basketball Association of Ireland All-Ireland Club and County Championshps, the National Basketball Leagues have two tiers in both Men’s and Women’s Basketball.

Header Picture Credit: [1] Folan, John | Irish Basketball Memories of the 80s And 90s Facebook Group (2020) Post to Page, January 27, 2020″Fantastic team loved going to see them play” [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 25 March 2020][Adjusted]

Amateur Basketball Association of Ireland / Irish Basketball Association Division 1

The Amateur Basketball Association of Ireland was formed in 1947. After 25 years of All-Ireland Championships based on a Club & County basis like in the GAA, the ABAI created the first National Basketball League based on clubs in 1972-73.

In 1979-80 St. Vincent’s Killarney brought in two paid American Imports, contrary to the rules of the ABAI, but after taking no action against them for most of the season, they relented having seen how many fans it was bringing in, and allowed paid imports, changing the name of the Association to the Irish Basketball Association to reflect this. This era, from 1980-1991 is regarded by many in Irish Basketball as its “Golden Era”

National Basketball Arena Tallaght

Irish Basketball Association / Basketball Ireland Men’s Super League

In 1991 the Association merged the Men’s Divisions 1 & 2 into one National Basketball League, with two conferences: North & South. At the same time it reduced the number of paid American Imports from two to one, thinking the Irish playerscould make the step up. The fans lost interest, however, with just one American on the teams, and it is regarded as the end of the “Golden Era”. After two seasons under this format, the two division set-up was reinstated, with Divisions 1 & 2 now named the Super League & Division 1.

The Irish Basketball Association was rebranded in 2003 as Basketball Ireland, and the two Conference (North & South) model was again reintroduced, although the two Division (2 levels) set-up was retained. The Women’s 2nd Level was reinstated at this time also, although the Women’s Divisions never had North & South Conferences.

In 2013 the Super League underwent a name-change to the Premier League, as a drastic attempt was made to fix the National Leagues and the massive debt Basketball Ireland had built up.   In 2016 the Super League brand made a comeback and by 2019 it was stated on the Basketball Ireland website that the €1.4 Million debt was paid off.

National Basketball Arena Tallaght

Irish Basketball Association Ladies / Women’s Division 1


Irish Basketball Association / Basketball Ireland Women’s Super League


Irish Basketball Association Men’s Division 2

The Amateur Basketball Association of Ireland created a second level for Men’s Basketball in 1977-78, known as Division 2, which remained Division 2 after the re-branding of the organisation in 1979-80. For the 1991-92 season, both Divisions were merged into one Budweiser-sponsored League with North and South Conferences and American-style playoffs.


Irish Basketball Association / Basketball Ireland Men’s Division 1

In 1993 the Men’s Budweiser League was again split between two levels, with the highest level being named the Super League and the second level Division 1.


Irish Basketball Association Ladies / Women’s Division 2


Basketball Ireland Women’s Division 1


Irish Ice Hockey Association

Elite Ice Hockey League

Ice Hockey has been played in Ireland since the 1940s when the Ulster Ice Hockey League featuring mostly Canadian soldiers stationed in Northern Ireland during WW2 flourished. While some Irish players played in that league it was not until 1949-50 that an Irish Ice Hockey Association was established for Irish teams. In addition to the Irish Ice Hockey Leagues over the years since there has also been teams based in Dundonald Ice Bowl who played in Scottish and Celtic Leagues and the Belfast Giants who play in the Elite Ice Hockey League alongside teams from Scotland, Wales and England and also in the Champions Hockey League (Europe).

Elite Ice Hockey Leagues

As well as playing in the Elite Ice Hockey League (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland), the Belfast Giants can compete in the Champions Hockey League (European Champions League)

person in white and red ice hockey jersey top

Celtic Ice Hockey Leagues

As well as the Elite Ice Hockey League (England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland – Pro Level 4 (A) in the National Hockey League (North America) system), there are also Celtic or Scottish Leagues which Irish teams have participated in since the 1980s, forming a bridge between the Pro Levels (EIHL) and the purely recreational or amateur Irish Leagues.

In the 1980s and 1990s teams from Castlereagh, based at Dundonald Ice Bowl entered Scottish or Northern English / Scottish Leagues, and then from 2008 to 2010 teams from both Dundonald and Dundalk Ice Bowls entered the Celtic League, which was more evenly distributed between Irish and Scottish sides.

person in white and red ice hockey jersey top
sport game competition players

Irish Ice Hockey Association

Ice Hockey has been played in Ireland since 1940 when it was first introduced by Canadian soldiers serving in Northern Ireland during World War II. This page provides a link to the Final Standings and Results of various Leagues in Ireland since then. The greatest Irish Ice Hockey League of all time was the Irish Ice Hockey League of 2007 to 2010, when the Dundalk Ice Dome was open, and the league featured teams which could compete in Europe.

Flying Ducks at St. Patrick's Day Parade in Montreal
Flying Ducks at St. Patrick's Day Parade in Montreal

Baseball Ireland

This is the Eirball Index Page to All-Time Results and Standings of the Irish Baseball League and other Baseball Leagues in Ireland such as the WW2 League among US and Canadian Soldiers stationed in Northern Ireland for the duration of the War.

Irish Baseball League

In mid-1990s a few Leinster Softball players wanted something more competitive and atarted the first Irish Baseball League in 1997. With funding from the Irish-American owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers Major League Baseball team, a puropse-built Baseball Diamond was made in Corkagh Park, Clondalkin, Dublin 22, including a Little League field, and the League has been in existence since, celebrating its 25th anniverary in 2021.

white baseball ball on brown leather baseball mitt

Ireland Soccer

All-Ireland Soccer Cups and Republic of Ireland Soccer Leagues’ Results and Tables can be found by clicking on the buttons in the list below.

All-Ireland Soccer Cups

All-Ireland Soccer Cups have been played on an on-off basis since 1941-42 when the Dublin & Belfast Intercity Cup was first played. The North-South Cup lasted two seasons from 1961-1963 and then sponsors names appeared on the Blaxnit Cup (1967 to 1974), Texaco Cup (1973 to 1975), and Tyler Cup 1978 to 1980. The Irish News sponsored the North West Cup from 1995 to 1998, featuring teams from Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland parts of Ulster. The latest and perhaps greatest All-Ireland Cup was the Setanta Cup, which ran from 2005 to 2009 and then after a years break from 2011 to 2014.

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Football Association of Ireland

The Football Association of Ireland (Republic of Ireland Soccer) broke away from the Irish Football Association (Northern Ireland Soccer) after the 26 Counties gained independence in 1922. The FAI organises the League of Ireland (Premier Division, First Division and Underage Divisions) as well as at one stage the League of Ireland B Division.

Rory Feely at League of Ireland Premier Division match Cork City FC v Waterford FC September 2nd 2019
top view photo of soccer field during day

Women’s National League

The FAI organises the Women’s National League as well as the FAI Women’s Cup, FAI Women’s National League Cup and Underage Leagues and Cups

Saoirse Noonan WNL Cork City FC v Galway WFC 2019-05-12

Irish Rugby Football Union

United Rugby Championship

Header Image: Photo by Nayla Charo on

Rugby Union is one of the four most popular team sports in Ireland, after Soccer, Gaelic Football and Hurling. There is a Professional League operating at the highest level with teams in Leinster, Munster, Ulster and Connacht as well as Scotland, Wales, Italy and South Africa, the top teams of which qualify for the Champions Cup involving the Top French and English sides.

There is also an All-Ireland League for Club sides below this and Four Provincial Leagues below this again. Women’s Rugby has gained in popularity in recent decades and there is an All-Ireland League fed by Provincial Leagues. Variations on the sport include Rugby Sevens, Tag & Touch Rugby (non-contact) and Wheelchair Rugby.

Below you will find links to the Results and Tables for a variety of competitions.

The Irish Rugby Football Union governs Rugby Union on the island of Ireland, running the All-Ireland League, and sending International Teams to the 6 Nations, World Cup and various other International Rugby Board competitions.

United Rugby Championship

All-Ireland League Men’s

Rugby Ball by Nayla Charo

IRFU Women’s Rugby

Action from the Munster Women Rugby 38 vs Ulster Women Rugby 12 August 17th 2019

Hockey Ireland

Hockey has been played in Ireland in various forms for hundreds of years, and possibly had the same origins as Hurling. Until recently there were Men’s and Women’s Leagues in each of the four Provinces and the South East with an All-Ireland Playoff at the end of the season. There has been an Irish League since 2015 with Promotion/Relegation to the Provincial Leagues.

man in red and blue jersey shirt playing hockey

Hockey Ireland

Irish Hockey League

EY Hockey League

Women’s Irish Hockey League Roll of Honour 2009-Present

EY Hockey League Women (Final Standings):

Hockey Ireland EY Hockey League Women 2015-2018

EY Hockey League Women (Results): 

2019-20 2018-19 2017-18

EY Hockey League Men (Final Standings)

Hockey Ireland EY Hockey League Men 2015-2018

EY Hockey League Men (Results): 

2019-20 2018-19 2017-18 2016-17

EY Hockey League 2 Women (Results):

2019-20 2018-19

EY Hockey League 2 Men (Results): 

2019-20 2018-19

Picture Credit: [2] Photo by Patrick Case on

Ballymena Showgrounds Co Antrim Northern Ireland 04/04/20 Item ID: 1730507131 Photographic Contributor: Ballygally View Images [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 17 March 2022][Edited by Enda Mulcahy for]

Irish Hockey Association 2000-2015

IHU All-Ireland Championship; IHU Irish Senior Cup

Irish Hockey League

Irish Hockey League Women (Final Tables)

Irish Hockey League Women 2009-2015

Irish Hockey League Mens (Final Tables)

Irish Hockey League Men’s 2009-2015

Irish Senior Cup

Irish Senior Cup Women’s (Results): 

2014-15 2013-14 2012-13 2011-12

Irish Senior Cup Men (Results):

2014-15 2013-14 2012-13 2011-12


Irish Hockey Association Interprovincials (Results and Scorers)

2011-12: Champions Ulster (4 Pts)

Picture Credit: [2] Photo by Pixabay on

Irish Hockey Union 1893-2000

IHU All-Ireland Championship; IHU Irish Senior Cup

Irish Hockey Union All-Ireland Championships

IHU AIC (Seasons):


Cricket Ireland

Cricket Ball

Australian Rules Football

Australian Rules has been played in Ireland since 2000, when the first clubs were formed in Dublin and Belfast. There are currently the full 21-a-side Men’s Premiership, Super 9s/10s and a Women’s Super 7s.

Ireland also enters the European Championship and International Cup. the Leprechaun Cup, an International Cup is also hosted in Belfast, and Irish Universities enter the Fitzpatrick Cup for the European University Title.

There are also International Rules matches between Ireland and Australia which has been played since 1984 with the first touring sides visiting Ireland in the 1960s.

Below you will find links to the Results and Tables of various Competitions involving Irish Teams:

Australian Football League Ireland

Australian Football

Australian Football League Ireland Women

Australian Football

Netball Ireland

Netball originated in England at the end of the Nineteenth Century as a Women’s version of Basketball. It got its name in Jamaica. It differs from Basketball in the lack of contact between players, and in the scoring – each basket counts as one goal rather than two points, and the ball must be passed into a zone around the goal where a designated player may make a shot.

It is played in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland with Northern Ireland ranking as one of the World Powers in the sport. There is a League in both Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland and was once leagues in Cork and Limerick. Versions of the Sport include Fast Fives and Mixed 6-a-side Netball, with Independent Leagues in the latter in Dublin.

Netball Ireland Women’s Leagues

Netball court, King's High, Warwick

Netball Ireland

Netball Ireland Leagues:

NI Women’s Senior League Division 1

Champions: TBC

NI Winter League Division 1:

Netball Ireland Winter League Division 1 2009-2019

2019-20 2017-18 2016-17

NI Winter League Division 2:

Netball Ireland Winter League Division 2 2009-2017

2019-20 2017-18 2016-17

NI Summer League (Seasons):

2020 2017 2016

Netball court, King’s High, Warwick by Robin Stott is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0

Ireland Lacrosse

Irish Lacrosse League

After the Irish Lacrosse Union disappeared around the First World War, and the Irish Ladies Lacrosse Association from 1926-1970 had also disbanded, the third wave of Lacrosse in Ireland was the revival of Ireland Lacrosse in the early 21st Century, featuring Men’s Women’s and Box (Indoor Lacrosse).

group of lacrosse players celebrating with coach during daytime

Irish Women’s Lacrosse League

Women’s Lacrosse was codified in Scotland, and is a 12-v-12 version of Lacrosse. There was an Irish Ladies Lacrosse Association in Ireland from the 1920s to 1970, that played in the Home Nations against England, Scotland and Wales, and also held a Schools Shield, with teams from Dublin & Belfast.It was resurrected in the early 2000s, with an International team, and the Irish women’s Lacrosse League.

woman and girl playing lacrosse

Rugby League Ireland

Irish Rugby League

Rugby League is most popular in Australia and Northern England. It differs from Rugby Union in having two less players (13 as opposed to 15) and no scrums or lineouts.

It has been played in Ireland since Rugby Union players set up the Dublin Blues in the 1990s as a way of keeping fit during the rugby union off-season. The first Irish Rugby League season was in 1996, but the League didn’t play the 2000 season due to the decision by the Rugby League Authorities in England to no longder fund it. It was restarted in 2001 under a new administration: Rugby League Ireland.

In 2007 a separate Elite League was created with the Emerald Conference as a second level. Folowing this experiment the All-Ireland Championships were reinstated in 1010, featuring Leinster, Munster and Ulster Leagues, with an All Ireland Playoff. There is currently a League run on Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland basis with an All-Ireland Grand Final.

There is also EuroTag – a European version of Tag Rugby and RL Nines – full contact but with reduced numbers.

Below you will find links to the Results and Tables of various competitions in Ireland and involving Irish teams.

group of people doing a group hug
man in blue and white striped soccer jersey playing rugby

Rugby League Ireland Women

Chester Rugby Club

Volleyball Ireland

Volleyball Ireland is the National Governing Body of Volleyball in Ireland.

Volleyball was invented in New England, USA at the end of the 19th Century. It is played by two teams on a court much like a Badminton court with a high net separating the two sides. The object of the sport is to score points by keeping the ball from touching the ground on your own side while trying to get it over the net and in-bounds in your opponents side.

Matches are played in sets much like in the Racquet Sports, with each set being the first to 21 and winning by 2 points. Matches are usually best-of-5 sets. Volleyball has been played in Ireland since the 1960s. There are four main variations played in Ireland: Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Spikeball (Reduced Numbers) and Sitting Volleyball (like wheelchair sports but without the wheelchair).

Volleyball Ireland is the National Governing Body for Volleyball in the Republic of Ireland. It was founded as the Volleyball Association of Ireland in the 1960s and renamed Volleyball Ireland in 2017. It oversees the running of the Volleyball Ireland National Leagues as well as Schools Competitions and entering Ireland teams in International Competition. There are three regional associations which make up a constituent part of Volleyball Ireland: Volleyball East Region, Volleyball South Region & Volleyball West Region.

Below you will find links to various competitions in Ireland:

Volleyball National Leagues Women

Volleyball National Leagues Men

Water Polo

Ireland Water Polo Men’s

people playing water polo
men playing with a ball in swimming pool
people playing water polo

Ireland Water Polo Women’s

Bridge to the Water Polo Arena, Olympic Park E15
Bridge to the Water Polo Arena, Olympic Park E15

Olympic Handball

Olympic  Handball is a team sport played on the same court as a Futsal court.

It is like a cross between Basketball, Water Polo and Indoor Soccer, where the goal is to throw the ball into a goal at the other teams end of the court. It is played with the hands rather than feet and running with the ball is not allowed. The players must pass the ball into a semi-circle surrounding the opposing teams goal where they can shoot.

The Irish Olympic Handball Association runs Senior Men’s and Ladies Leagues as well as Schools competitions.

Below you will find links to the Results and Tables of various competitions#

Ireland Handball Men

Nemanja Ilic Serbia

Irish Olympic Handball Association

IOHA Senior Men’s League; IOHA Senior Womens League

IOHA Senior Men’s League

IOHA Senior Leagues (Decade / Era Overviews):

Irish Olympic Handball Association Senior Men’s League 2011-2019

Irish Olympic Handball Association Senior Men’s League 2001-2006

IOHA Senior Men’s League (Seasons):

2019-20 2018-19 2017-18 2016-17 2015-16


IOHA Senior Men’s Division 1 (Seasons)

2003-04 2002-03 2001-02

Irish Olympic Handball Association Senior Ladies League 2014-2019

Picture Credit: [1] Vector Contributor: Mangulica Handball court,aerial view vector illustration [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 1 November 2022]

[2] Photo Contributor: Michele MorroneBerlin, Germany, January 15, 2019: Handball player Nemanja Ilic of Serbia in a spectacular action during the Men’s Handball World Cup 2019. [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 1 November 2022]

Ireland Handball Women

Handball Player Greek Cup 13 February 2016 Arta v Nea Ionia

Irish Olympic Handball Association

IOHA Senior Men’s League; IOHA Senior Womens League

IOHA Senior Ladies League

Irish Olympic Handball Association Senior Ladies League 2014-2019

IOHA Senior Women League (Seasons):


IOHA Senior Ladies League (Seasons):

2017-18 2016-17 2015-16

Picture Credits: [1] Photo Contributor: Dziurek Detail of handball goal crossbar with net and women handball match in the background. [Internet] Available from: Detail Handball Goal Crossbar Net Women Stock Photo 2060697002 | Shutterstock [Accessed and edited by Enda Mulcahy for Eirball 1 November 2022

[2] Photo Contributor Ververidis Vasilis (2016) Thessaloniki, Greece – February 13, 2016: Handball player in action during the Greek Women Cup Final handball game Arta vs Nea Ionia [Internet] Available From: [Accessed and edited by Enda Mulcahy for Eirball 1 November 2022]

Football Fives and Footbag


Futsal is the South American version of Football and was invented in 1930s Uruguay by a teacher. It is played on the same indoor court as an Olympic Handball court, with lines delineating the out-of-bounds rather than walls as in Indoor Football. Players must pass the ball into a semi-circle surrounding the opposing teams goal before being allowed to shoot. Similar games include Arena Soccer (big in USA and Canada, where there were professional Leagues before the MLS), Indoor Football, Football Fives, Street Soccer, Beach Soccer, and Powerchair Football.

Below you will find the Results and Tables of various competitions in Ireland.

Golf Ireland & PGA Tours

PGA Tour

Golf, while a Scottish Game with Celtic Roots, is very popular in Ireland, with Irish Professionals on the European and US PGA Tours counting among the most successful.

European PGA Tour

Golfing Union of Ireland

There are a number of Tours in Ireland with weekly tournaments held at a different club each week, as well as clubs throughout Ireland which hold Prize Day tournaments.

Irish Ladies Golf Union

Snooker Billiards Ireland

Snooker is played on a table covered with a green baize and with six holes (pockets) at the four corners and halfway down both sides. The object of the game is to use a white ball (hit with a cue) to knock coloured balls into pockets. The balls are worth different points for each colour from 1 (red) to 7 (Black).

Snooker Ace Ken Doherty


Bowling comes in many varieties, from the earliest Road Bowling which may have started in Ireland or may have been brought in by William of Orange; to Skittles, Lawn Bowls, Tenpin Bowling, Petanque (the sport played at the foot of the Eiffel Tower), Boccia (the Italian version of Bowling) to Indoor Bowling (played on a green mat in Community Centres and Church Halls).

Tenpin Bowling

Tenpin Bowling is a version of Skittles or Bowling played with ten skittles and a much bigger, heavier ball. There are Bowling alleys throughout Ireland.

sport alley ball game

Lawn Bowls

Lawn Bowls is a genteel version of bowling played on a green lawn. Irish Lawn Bowls governs Lawn Bowls in Ireland, with Provincial Associations in Leinster and Ulster.

Bray Bowling Club


Darts has a 500-year history in Ireland. A small dart is thrown at a target which has 20 numbers segments (scoring 1-20), with double and triple points scored for hitting smaller zones in each segment nearer the centre of the Dart board. The centre (the Bull’s Eye) scores 50. players must finish on a double. Points are scored downwards from 501 to zero.

There is a League in most counties with pubs entering teams. There is also a Professional Circuit in Britain which Irish players can enter.

dart on bullseye

Contact and Combat Sports

As this is part of the Eirball – Irish North American and World Sports Archives the main focus shall be sports such as Celtic Wrestling, WWE Wrestling, Boxing-UFC Compromise Rules, Kickboxing, Fencing, Gladiating, Jugger, Paintball / Airsoft, Laser Tag (Quasar) and Capture the Flag which originated either in Ireland, USA, or somewhere else around the World (i.e. Asia, Latin America and Africa). Particular attention shall also be paid to European Sports which are either Traditional and Ancient or Modern 21st Century Sports (such as Jugger).

Boxing and Fighting

Variations on Boxing include Olympic / Professional Boxing, Bare-Knuckle Boxing (currently not sanctioned), UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and Kickboxing


Ireland’s most successful Olympic Sport.

red boxing gloves
female athlete standing on boxing ring

Ultimate Fighting

Ultimate Fighting is a modern take on Boxing and other fighting games that originated in USA.

topless man in yellow shorts

Modified Rules Boxing-Ultimate Fighting

The first Modified Rules Boxing-Ultimate Fighting fight took place between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Conor McGregor, with two events – one Boxing and one Ultimate Fighting taking place in the fight, held on different nights. It follows the Irish tradition of Compromise Rules between Gaelic Athletic Association sports and other sports such as Australian Football, Shinty, Pelota, Baseball & Softball, Lacrosse and Golf.

rivals fighting in the ring


Competitive Wresling dates back to at least the Original Olympic Games in Athens, Ancient Greece. Another Ancient versions of Wrestling is Sumo (Japan). Modern versions include Olympic (Greco-Roman), WWE (American), Lucha Libre (Mexico), and indeed also Mud Wrestling (England) and Jelly Wrestling (Ireland).

WWE Wrestling (USA)

World Wrestling Entertainment is the Modern American made-for-TV version of wrestling.

photography of man jumping on ring

Olympic Wrestling (Greco-Roman)

Olympic Wrestling is the version which dates back to Ancient Greece and Rome and the original Olympic Games. It is the version in the Modern Olympics also.

two men wrestling on a mat


Fencing is a renaissance sword-fighting sport. Gladiating is the ancient version revived for TV in Gladiators and Armoured Combat is the medieval version of sword-fighting.


Fencing Ireland organises a number of tournaments per year.

people in playing fencing


Gladiating is a fun version of the ancient Roman military combat as was seen on US and British TV Programs from the 1990s onwards. Various types of combat or adventure-like tasks are engaged in by teams of players.

grayscale photo of man holding a sword

Martial Arts

There are a number of different Martial Arts in Ireland, the most popular of which are Karate, Judo & Taekwondo.

grayscale photo of men doing karate

Irish Racquet Sports

Racquet Sports played on a National level in Ireland are Badminton, Tennis, Squash and Table Tennis.


Badminton is played both competitively and recreationally in community centres throughout Ireland. The biggest prize in Irish Badminton is the Irish Open, a top International Tournament, which has been running for over 100 years. There are also numerous Individual & Doubles competitions throughout the year, run on a National, Provincial or Local (County) basis

Badminton Ireland

Badminton Ireland organizes Graded National Competitions in Men’s, Ladies & Mixed, with those awarded part of Ranking counting towards the National Ranking for Singles & Doubles. It also organizes the Irish Open, which is an International Tournament.

shallow focus photo of a feather shuttlecock

Badminton Ireland Leagues

There are Badminton leagues in each county or district, and also a Badminton Premier League, which attracts the top players from all over Ireland International Competitions feature the best of Irish Badminton talent, and Irish players have competed in the Olympics. Below the National & Provincial level, County Level competitions are run throughout the year, for both Singles & Doubles.

Badminton Premier League (Ireland)

Badminton Ireland – Irish Club Championships

shuttlecocks on wooden floor in sports hall

Olympic Games

Olympic Sports include Athletics (Track & Field), Swimming, Winter Sports, X-Games, Gymnastics, Weightlifting, and Strength. Variations on these Sports such as Sea Swimming (Liffey Swim), and Hill Running are also covered here. Fitness sports include the Cross-Fit Games, Cheer Sport, Orienteering and Caving. For other Olympic Sports such as Golf and Soccer please see the Sections dedicated to these sports in the two Navigation Bars.


Athletics has a long and distinguished presence in Ireland, with numerous Summer Olympics Medal winners. It is also known as Track & Field. Other disciplines include Mountain Running

Track & Field

Swim Ireland

The Olympic Games is the pinnacle of an Athletes career and Irish Swimmers have been winning Medals at the Olympic Games since 1924. The Irish Open Swimming Championships are one of the highlights of the Irish Swimming Calendar.


There is a small amount of Winter Sports in Ireland. Apart from the Ice Hockey & Inline Hockey Leagues and Curling there is also an artificial Ski Slope at Kilternan in Dublin, and Irish Teams have entered Ice Skating and Bobsleigh competitions abroad.


Ireland Hosted the first European Surfing Championships in 1972

Wall Climbing

The Irish Bouldering League is under Mountaineering Ireland and is run over 5 Competitions each year, with 30 problems to be solved in each competition. Points are scored from 10 Points to 1 depending on which attempt a climber solves a problem (10 Pts for 1st Attempt, 7 Pts for 2nd Attempt etc) [See Articles for References]


Gymastics Ireland is the National Governing Body for the Olympic Sport in Ireland. It is a member of the Federation of International Gymnastics.

Horse Power

Power Sports include Horse Racing (Flat Racing, Jump Racing, Point to Point and Harness Racing), Greyhound Racing, Pigeon Racing, Angling, Wild West (Rodeo, Pack Burro Racing, Dog Mushing), Boat Racing (Rowing, Sailing, Canoeing, Powerboat Racing), Bike Racing (Road Cycling, Cyclo-Cross, BMX, Mountainbiking, Motorbike Racing), Motorsport (Rallying, Autocross, Formula Racing, Karting, Hill Climbing, Stock Car Racing), Air Racing (Hot Air Ballooning, Hang Gliding, Air Racing, Drone Racing, FlugTag).

Horse Racing

Horse Racing Disciplines include Flat, Jump, and Point-to-Point, and also Harness Racing.

Point to Point

person riding on horse

Point to Point

Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board

Horse Racing Disciplines include Flat, Jump, and Point-to-Point.


Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board

IHRB Point-to-Point Meetings (Month): March 2020

Pictiure Credits: [1] Horse racing on the beach – Photo Contributor: gabriel12 [Internet] Available from: Horse Racing On Beach Stock Photo 707088094 | Shutterstock [Accessed 16 September 2022]

[2] Photo by Mídia on

Harness Racing

grayscale photo of group of horse with carriage running on body of water

Harness Racing


The Highlight of the Irish Harness Racing Association is the All-Ireland Series.

IHRA Leaderboard & All-Ireland Series

IHRA Leaderboard (Seasons) 2019

IHRA All Ireland Series (Seasons): 2020

IHRA All-Ireland Trot Series (Seasons):


IHRA All-Ireland Pace Series (Seasons):


IHRA Race Winners

IHRA Race Winners (Seasons): 2019

IHRA Race Winners Portmarnock (Seasons): 2020

IHRA Race Winners Annaghmore (Seasons): 2020

IHRA Race Winners Dunmanway (Seasons): 2020

IHRA Race Winners Lyre (Seasons):


Picture credits: [1] Palma de Mallorca / Spain – May 22, 2016: Riders compete during their harness racing or horse sulky race in Palma de Mallorca hippodrome at the Balearic islands Sulky races trophy – Photo Contributor: zixia [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 16 September 2022]

[2] Photo by Martin Damboldt on

Greyhound Racing

Shelbourne Park Greyhound Stadium Dublin

Greyhound Racing

Irish Greyhound Board

Irish Greyhound Board

Rankings – Greyhounds by Prizemoney [All Irish Stadia] (Years): 2019

Picture Credits: [1] Dublin, Ireland – January 13 2020: Shelbourne Park Greyhound Stadium – Photo contributor: Benen Taylor [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 16 September 2022]

Country & Western

Country & Western sports include Ploughing (The National Ploughing Championships) and Jousting which take part in Ireland, as well as Wild West sports such as Rodeo (Texas State Sport), Pack Burro Racing (Donkeys – Colorado State Sport), Cowboy Polo (started in New Mexico but now only played in Montana) and Dog Mushing (Alaska State Sport)


machine harvest


National Ploughing Championships

National Ploughing Championships Five Nations

NPC 5 Nations Reversible Plough Class (seasons):  2019

Picture Credits: [1] Photo by Mark Stebnicki on

[2] Photo by Mark Stebnicki on

Boat Racing


Canoe Sprint World Cup


Canoeing Ireland

Canoe Sprint Ireland

CSI All Ireland Championships (Years):


Picture Credit: [1] Photo by Brett Sayles on

[2] Barnaul, Russia – May 22, 2021: Russian athlete Dyachenko A. competing in K1 M event in 2021 ICF Canoe Sprint World Cup and Olympic Qualification. SeregaSibTravel [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 16 September 2022]

Powerboat Racing

sea people water ocean

Powerboat Racing

Irish Powerboat Racing Records

Powerboat Racing Irish Team Records

UIM World Powerboat Record – Thunderchild 2 – Cork-Fastnet-Cork 9 August 2020

Thunderchild Round Ireland and Rockall Powerboat Record 6 July 2017

Picture Credit: [1] Yalta, ukraine – may 8 . racing boat in the world championship of powerboat p1 on may 8, 2010 in yalta, ukraine Copyright: Grekov

[2] Photo by Red Zeppelin on

Bike Racing

Bike Sport includes Road Cycling, Cyclo-Cross, BMX, Mountainbiking and Motorbike Racing. Cycling ireland is the National Governing Body for Road Cycling and Cyclo-Cross. The Mountainbiking Association of Dublin runs competitions in the Greater Dublin Area.

Road Cycling

person riding bicycle

Road Cycling

Cycling Ireland; Mountainbiking Association of Dublin

Irish National Championships

Men’s National Championships (Seasons): 2020

Cycling Ireland National Records

Cycling Ireland National Place to Place Records October 2020

Cycling Ireland Tours

Tour of Ulster (Years): 2002

Picture Credit: [1] Photo by Pixabay on

[2] Photo by SAurabh Narwade on


two men riding bicycle


Cycling Ireland; Mountainbiking Association of Dublin

National Cyclo-Cross Chamionships (Season): 2017 2018

Picture Credit: [1] Photo by Pixabay on

[2] Photo by Mídia on

Motorcycle Racing

The Leinster 200 Motorcycle Race was raced over the Tallaght Circuit from 1934 to 1949.

person riding dirtbike

Motorcycle Racing

Leinster 200 Motorcycle Race

Motorcycle Racing (Overviews):

Leinster 200 Motorcycle Race (Tallaght Circuit) 1935-1949

Picture Credit: [1] Motorcycle practice leaning into a fast corner on track Photo Contributor: Mark_studio [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 16 September 2022]

[2]Photo by Pixabay on


Motorsport includes Rallying, Autocross, Formula Racing, Karting, Hill Climbing, Stock Car Racing, Monster Trucks. For Motorbike Racing, Powerboat Racing and Air Racing please see the Bike Racing, Boat Racing and Air Racing pages in the Navigation Bar at top of this page.

Motorsport Ireland

Motorsport Ireland

Motorsport Ireland, Mondello Park, Stock Car Racing, Karting

Motorsport Ireland is the National Governing Body for Motorsports.

Motorsport Ireland

Motorsport Ireland Race Winners (Seasons):



Motorsport Ireland National Autocross Championship Specials 2012-2017

Picture Credits: [1] Photo by Daniel on

[2] Craig breen of ireland and scott martin of great britain compete in their citroen total abu dhabi wrt citroen c3 wrc during day two of the wrc portugal on may 18, 2018 in caminha, portugal. ©georgevieirasilva/123RF.COM

Formula Racing

The Leinster Trophy Car Race is an International Standard Car Race first run on the Tallaght Circuit (Co. Dublin) from 1934-1949. It is now raced at Mondello Park in Co. Kildare

formula one car on racing track

Mondello Park & Formula Racing

Leinster Trophy Car Race

Formula Racing (Overviews):

Motorsport Ireland Leinster Trophy Car Race 1934-Present

International Leinster Trophy Car Race (Tallaght Circuit) 1935-1949

Picture Credit: [1] Imola, 27 April 2019: Pierlugi Martini run with Historic 1989s Minardi F1 Model M189 in action during Minardi Historic Day 2019 into the Imola Circuit in italy. Copyright: danciaba

Photo by PRAT clement on

Air Racing

Drone Racing

The first Irish Drone Racing Championships were held in 2015.

Drones Racing

Drone Racing

Droned Ireland

Droned Ireland

Droned Ireland Irish Drone Racing Nationals 2015-2018

Photo Contributor: socrates471
Drones racing. [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 16 September 2022]

Asian Sports

Asian Sports played in Ireland include Polo (and versions of Polo such as Polocrosse); Kabaddi and Sepak Takraw.


Polocrosse is a version of Lacrosse played on Horseback. It was invented in Northern Australia in the 1970s and the first World Cup was played in 2003.

Polocrosse World Cup Action


Polo originated in Iran and was introduced to Britain and Ireland by the British Army after it was discovered there.

group of men riding horses about to play polo sport


woman holding a frisbee

International Rules

International Rules, also known as Compromise Rules is a term for a number of related sports combining the rules of GAA sports with similar sports from around the World. There is International Rules Football, played between Ireland and Australia, Hurling-Shinty, played between Ireland and Scotland, Handball-Pelota, which is Ireland v Basque Country, as well as Rounders-Baseball and Rounders-Softball (Irish teams v American, Canadian and Britsh teams), Hurlacrosse (Hurling-Lacrosse – Ireland v Iroquois Nationals), and Poc Fada Golf (A Golf Course where players use a Hurl/Hurley to hit the ball into the hole)

Australian Football - Geelong v Hawthorn - 9 September 2011

International Rules Football

Ireland v Australia International Rules Football; Compromise Rules; Inter Footy.

Ireland v Australia Overviews:

International Rules Football | Ireland v Australia 1984-2017

International Rules Football Ireland v Australia 1984-1990

International Rules Football Ireland v Australia 1998-2006

International Rules Football Ireland v Australia 2008-2017

Irish Counties v Galahs:

International Rules Football | Irish Counties v Galahs 1967-1978

Picture Credits: [1] Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (2019) Gaelic_Football_Match_Delhi_2 [Internet] Available from:[Accessed 30 March 2021][Photo Credit: India Wolfhounds GAA] [Used with permission of DFA]

[2] Photo Contributor: Neale Cousland (2011) MELBOURNE – SEPTEMBER 9 :James Podsiardly takes a strong mark in Geelong’s win over Hawthorn – September 9, 2011 in Melbourne, Australia. [Internet] Available from: [Accessed and Edited by Enda Mulcahy for Eirball 31 October 2022]

Hurling-Shinty Scotland v Ireland Inverness 18 October 2014

Hurling-Shinty Internationals

Ireland v Scotland Hurling-Shinty International Rules; Club Internationals

Ireland v Scotland Overviews:

Hurling-Shinty International Tailteann Games Ireland v Scotland 1924-1932

Hurling-Shinty Internationals Ireland v Scotland 1972-1979

Hurling-Shinty Internationals Ireland v Scotland 1988-1999

Hurling-Shinty Internationals Ireland v Scotland 2000-2009

International Rules Hurling-Shinty | Ireland v Scotland 2010-2015

International Rules Hurling-Shinty | Ireland v Scotland 2016-2018

Ireland v Scotland (Seasons): 2014

Hurling-Shinty Club Internationals:

1994: Glenurquhart Tour of Co. Kilkenny

Hurling-Shinty International Rules Club Internationals 1897

Picture Credit: INVERNESS CITY, SCOTLAND – 18 OCTOBER 2014: This is a scene from within the International Shinty-Hurling match between Scotland and Eire at Bught Park, Inverness, Scotland on 18 October, 2014. By JASPERIMAGE / [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 2 June 2021]


GAA Handball

Handball was first played in Ireland according to the World Handball Council website and the GAA Handball website describes it as the GAA’s only real World Sport. It is organised along the same lines as the rest of the Gaelic Games which come under the authority of the GAA – with County, Provincial and All-Ireland Championships, in both Men’s and Women’s, Team and Individual, Boys and Girls and also in Softball and Hardball versions. Some players compete in the European Pro Wallball Tour (Wallball is a unified version of Handball in Europe, bringing together the Handball of Ireland, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Catalonia, Basque Country, Belgium, Wallonia, Flanders and Netherlands. Others play on the US circuit or in Canada and Australia. It is also played in Japan and Latin America.

Statue erected in memory of Joe Maher
Irish Handball Centre

GAA Handball Club Competitions

GAA Handball Tournaments

All-Ireland Club Championships (Overviews)

GAA Handball All-Ireland Inter Club Championship Open Finals 2012-2018

GAA Handball 40×20 Inter-Club Championship (Seasons): 2017

GAA Handball Gael Linn (Seasons): 2018

GAA Handball Intervarsity Championships (Seasons): 1991

PIcture Credit: 26th April 2019, Dublin, Ireland. Irish Handball Centre Social Club and Bar building next to Croke Park stadium, St Joseph’s Ave, Drumcondra.


By Dirk Hudson

GAA Poc Fada

An Poc Fada – ‘the Long Puck’ is a Gaelic Game where players use a Hurley to hit a Sliotar (ball) up the side of a mountain and down the other side in as few pucks or shots as possible.

The sport would have a similar origin to the Scottish Game of Golf. It is mentioned in the myths and legends of Ireland, when Setanta took his Hurley / Hurl and hit his Sliotar all the way from Co Louth to Co. Armagh in one go. The All-Ireland Poc Fada Championships have taken place in the Cooley Mountains in Co. Louth since 1961 in commemoration of the legendary feat.

Links to the Results of the GAA Poc Fada All-Ireland CHampionships from the inaugural Championship in 1961 (Men’s) and 2009 (Ladies) are available at the links in blue (below the picture).

GAA Poc Fada Logo

GAA Irish Rounders

Rounders is an Irish and British version of Softball and Baseball, and thought to be the ancestor of both. It was first codified in Ireland as part of the Original GAA Charter of 1884, but not organised until 1958. It is a Bat and Ball (also known as Safe Haven) sport whereby the batter attempts to hit a ball thrown at him or her by a pitcher or bowler and then attempts to run around the bases back home.


Shinty is Gaelic Scotland’s traditional version of Hurling. It is one of the forgotten Gaelic, Celtic or Atlantic Games like Basque Pelota and Welsh Baseball, played mostly in Gaelic parts of Scotland like the Highlands and Islands. The game is very similar to Hurling, with a curved stick used to hit a ball through a goal, except there is no point-over-the-bar and less play in the air. The game is 12-a-side as opposed to Hurling’s 15-a-side. The Shinty National League Division 1 was the Second Level of Men’s Shinty from 2004 to 2007. Incuded here is Manx Cammag. See also International Rules:

Shinty in Ireland

Camanachd Association National Leagues

Camanachd Association Cups

Women’s Camanachd Association