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The Eirball.sport Water Polo, Canoe Polo, Polo, Bicycle Polo, Dog Football, Robot Football, Tractor Football & Quidditch Archive is primarily focused on those team sports in Ireland plus Robot Football and Rocket League. The archive, however, also includes some Horse Sport Point-to-point, Equestrian, Harness Racing, Country & Western Sports Greyhound Racing, Ploughing, Rodeo, Bike Sports Road Cycling, Cyclo-cross, Mountainbiking, BMX, Motorsports Formula Racing, Rallying, Autocross, Stock Car Racing, Karting, and Other Motorsports Motorbike Racing, Powerboat Racing, Hot Air Ballooning, Drone Racing

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Canoe Polo

Canoe Polo is a team ball game similar to Water Polo, with the difference that players are in canoes. Players try to pass the ball to each other and score in a goal at the defending teams end while navigating around the pool by canoe.


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Munster Polo League

Munster Polo League The Munster Polo League Division 2 is the top level Canoe Polo League in Munster (South of Ireland) and Division 3 Nationally, below the Premier League.

Underwater Hockey

Underwater Hockey, as its name suggests, is a team sport where players push a puck along the bottom of a pool with the goal of scoring at their opposing teams end. Players wear snorkel gear and come up for air at timed intervals.

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Polo and Horse Sports


The Eirball Polo Archives include Irish Polo and Polocrosse as well as Cowboy Polo in USA.

Featured Image Credit: Dublin, Ireland – 2016: Cricket/Polo game on Phoenix Park. Credit: Sonia Ricco

Polo originated in Iran and was introduced to Britain and Ireland by the British Army after it was discovered there.


Polocrosse is a version of Lacrosse played on Horseback. It was invented in Northern Australia in the 1970s and the first World Cup was played in 2003.


Quidditch is a team sport based on the sport portrayed in the Harry Potter books & films, whereby players on Broomsticks attempt to score through a vertical hoop at either end of the pitch.

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