Ireland Water Polo Men’s National League Division 1 2019-20

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St. Vincent’s109011186127
Cathal Brugha1281317010825
North Dublin96121178319
Cu Chulainn133288713311
Half Moon1031611215010
Ireland Water Polo Men’s National League Division 1 Table 2019-20 Reference: [1]


DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1NAC
21.09.2019St. Vincent’s22Half Moon9
21.09.2019North Dublin18Corrib8
21.09.2019Sandycove8Cathal Brugha8
Week 1Lisburn
21.09.2019Clonard6Cu Chulainn10
Week 2NAC
22.09.2019St. Vincent’s19Corrib5
22.09.2019Half Moon14Cathal Brugha22
22.09.2019Sandycove13Cu Chulainn2
22.09.2019North Dublin19Clonard5
Week 3NAC
29.09.2019Half Moon7Corrib14
29.09.2019St. Vincent’s8Cathal Brugha3
29.09.2019Sandycove7North Dublin7
Week 4NUIG
Week 4Lisburn
26.10.2019Cu Chulainn1St. Vincent’s8
26.10.2019Cathal Brugha16North Dublin7
Week 4NAC
27.10.2019Sandycove15Half Moon11
Week 5Lisburn
09.11.2019Clonard2St. Vincent’s11
09.11.2019Cathal Brugha20Cu Chulainn10
Week 6NUIG
Week 7NAC
17.11.2019St. Vincent’spNorth Dublinp
Week 8NAC
30.11.2019North Dublin13Cu Chulainn8
Week 8NUIG
30.11.2019Corrib11Cathal Brugha12
Week 8NAC
01.12.2019Half Moon12North Dublin17
Week 9NAC
07.12.2019North Dublin10Cathal Brugha9
08.12.2019St. Vincent’s14Sandycove11
08.12.2019Half Moon14Clonard12
Week 10Lisnasharragh
14.12.2019Cu Chulainn6Half Moon6
14.12.2019Cathal Brugha15Clonard5
Week 12Lisnasharragh
11.01.2020Cathal Brugha21Half Moon13
12.01.2020Cu Chulainn6Corrib6
Week 12NAC
12.01.2020North Dublin10St. Vincent’s11
12.01.2020Half Moon15Sandycove11
Week 14NAC
01.02.2020St. Vincent’s11Cu Chulainn5
Week 15NUIG
08.02.2020Corrib11Cu Chulainn5
Week 16NAC
16.02.2020Sandycove6St. Vincent’s7
Week 18NAC
01.03.2020Half Moon11Cu Chulainn10
Week 19Lisnasharragh
07.03.2020Clonard7North Dublin16
07.03.2020Cu Chulainn6Cathal Brugha17
Week 19NUIG
07.03.2020Corrib9St. Vincent’s7
Week 19Lisnasharragh
07.03.2020Clonard4Cathal Brugha16
Week 20NAC
15.03.2020North DublinHalf Moon
Week 21NUIG
21.03.2020CorribNorth Dublin
Week 21NAC
22.03.2020Half MoonSt. Vincent’s
Week 22NAC
29.03.2020St. Vincent’sNorth Dublin
Week 23Lisnasharragh
04.04.2020Cathal BrughaCorrib
04.04.2020ClonardHalf Moon
05.04.2020Cu ChulainnNorth Dublin
05.04.2020Cathal BrughaSt. Vincent’s
Week 24NAC
18.04.2020North DublinSandycove
Week 24NUIG
18.04.2020CorribHalf Moon
Ireland Water Polo Men’s National League Division 1 Results 2019-20 Ref: [2]


The Ireland Water Polo Men’s National League 2019-20 was suspended after the games on 7 March 2020 due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic. St. Vincent’s were two points ahead of Cathal Brugha, 5 ahead of Corrib and 8 ahead of North Dublin at the time of cessation, with the only points dropped a 9-7 loss to Corrib in Galway on that final day.

Home Pool

TeamHome Pool *
Cathal BrughaLisburn / Lisnasharragh Leisure Centre, Castlereagh
ClonardLisburn / Lisnasharragh Leisure Centre, Castlereagh
CorribNUI Galway
Cu ChulainnLisburn / Lisnasharragh Leisure Centre, Castlereagh
Half MoonNational Aquatic Centre, Blanchardstown
North DublinNational Aquatic Centre, Blanchardstown
SandycoveNational Aquatic Centre, Blanchardstown
St. Vincent’sNational Aquatic Centre, Blanchardstown
Ireland Water Polo Men’s National League Division 1 Home Pools 2019-20 [Ref: 2;4]

Note: * Home Pool for Matches — Training Venue varies.



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