Ireland Water Polo Women’s National League Division 1 2017-18

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Final Table

St. Vincent’s B1414002356142
Diamonds A1473415512024
St. Vincent’s A14401011415312
Cathal Brugha #13427939310
Diamonds B #13001333219-4
[References: 2]

Points System: 3 Pts Win / 1 Pt Draw / 0 Pts Loss / -4 Pts Forfeit #

Tie-Breaker: head-to-head aggregate score over two matches.


DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
16.09.2017Tribes4Diamonds B0 #
17.09.2017Trinity9Diamonds A16
17.09.2017St. Vincent’s B20St. Vincent’s A2
Week 3
30.09.2017Cathal BrughapTribesp
30.09.2017Diamonds B2St. Vincent’s B26
30.09.2017Diamonds A13St. Vincent’s A8
Week 4
Week 6
29.10.2017Clontarf3Cathal Brugha13
29.10.2017St. Vincent’s B13Trinity3
29.10.2017St. Vincent’s A5Tribes12
Week 7
04.11.2017Diamonds A22Diamonds B1
04.11.2017Corrib15St. Vincent’s15
Week 8
25.11.2017Trinity12St. Vincent’s A6
25.11.2017Cathal Brugha5St. Vincent’s B13
26.11.2017St. Vincent’s A17Diamonds B3
26.11.2017Trinity7Cathal Brugha6
26.11.2017Clontarf5St. Vincent’s B12
Week 9
02.12.2017St. Vincent’s B20Tribes8
Week 10
09.12.2017Trinity15Diamonds B2
09.12.2017St. Vincent’s B19Diamonds A5
09.12.2017Cathal Brugha11St. Vincent’s A8
Week 11
16.12.2017Tribes12Diamonds A12
Week 12
06.01.2018Diamonds A12Tribes9
06.01.2018Cathal Brugha5Trinity6
06.01.2018Diamonds B0Tribes19
07.01.2018St. Vincent’s A10Clontarf8
Week 13
13.01.2018Diamonds B6St. Vincent’s A14
13.01.2018Tribes8Cathal Brugha7
Week 14
20.01.2018Tribes16St. Vincent’s A6
Week 16
03.02.2018Cathal Brugha6Diamonds A5
04.02.2018Diamonds A10Clontarf5
04.02.2018Diamonds B3Clontarf11
Week 17
17.02.2018Diamonds A4St. Vincent’s B12
Week 18
24.02.2018Cathal Brugha8Tribes9
Week 19
03.03.2018Diamonds ApTrinityp
03.03.2018Cathal BrughapDiamonds Bp
04.03.2018St. Vincent’s BpCathal Brughap
Week 20
10.03.2018Clontarf6Diamonds A5
10.03.2018St. Vincent’s A7Trinity9
Week 21
18.03.2018St. Vincent’s B8Clontarf2
18.03.2018St. Vincent’s A4Cathal Brugha0 #
Week 22
24.03.2018St. Vincent’s B25Diamonds B3
24.03.2018St. Vincent’s A8St. Vincent’s B22
25.03.2018St. Vincent’s A12Diamonds A13
25.03.2018Trinity1St. Vincent’s B19
25.03.2019Clontarf15Diamonds B1
Week 23
Week 24
07.04.2018Diamonds ApCathal Brughap
07.04.2018Tribes10St. Vincent’s B14
Week 25
14.04.2018Clontarf8St. Vincent’s A7
14.04.2018Diamonds A9Trinity9
15.04.2018Diamonds B4Cathal Brugha15
Week 26
20.04.2018St. Vincent’s B12Cathal Brugha3
[References: 2]


St. Vincent’s B were deserving winners of the Ireland Water Polo Women’s National League Division 1 having won all 14 games for a total of 42 points. Trinity finished second with 25 points and Diamonds A from Belfast third on 24 points. In mid-table were Tribes from Galway and Dublin’s Clontarf on 22 points each while St. Vincent’s A finished on 12 points and Cathal Brugha from Belfast on 10. Having forfeited one match and lost all others Diamonds B finished bottom on minus four points.



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