Ireland Water Polo Women’s National League 2016-2020


IWP National League Womens Division 1 2016-17

St. Vincent’s (C)1010001766930
Donegall Diamonds1050510711215
Cathal Brugha #10505857115
Glenalbyn (R)10208741256
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IWP National League Womens Division 1 2017-18

St. Vincent’s B1414002356142
Diamonds A1473415512024
St. Vincent’s A14401011415312
Cathal Brugha #13427939310
Diamonds B #13001333219-4
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IWP WNL Division 1 2018-19

St. Vincent’s (C)1212001876736
Cathal Brugha11704937421
Diamonds B114078010712
Tribes (R)12309731349
Diamonds A (R)111011621353
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IWP WNL D1 2019-20

St. Vincent’s98011335624
Cathal Brugha9513898516
Ireland Water Polo Women’s National League Division 1 Table 2019-20 [Ref: 5]

Season Information

Points System: 3 Pts Win / 1 Pt Draw / 0 Pts Loss / -4 Pts Forfeit #

Tie-Breaker: head-to-head aggregate score over two matches. (C) Champions (R) Relegated to Division 2.


St. Vincent’s of Glasnevin, Dublin, were the dominant team in Irish Women’s Water Polo from 2016-17 to 2018-19, winning all their league matches every year, indeed their B team, promoted at the end of 2016-17 from Division 2 proved even more formidable than their A team, having won all matches in Division 2 in 2016-17 they proceeded to win all their games in Division 1 in 2017-18, including their A team, defending Champions, twice. With the teams shuffled around for 2018-19 and one of the St. Vincent’s teams back in Division 2, they again won all games that year.

St. Vincent’s were finally defeated in 2019-20, in their fifth game of the season, 9-10 by Clontarf, although held an advantage over Clontarf of a 9-0-1 Wins-Draws-Losses Record to Clontarf’s 4-0-2 Record when the League was cancelled due to COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic government restrictions. The winning streak lasted 40 games over 3 and a third years, including the B teams’ dominance of 2017-18, although technically they were separate teams, albeit from the same club.

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