Swim Ireland Water Polo WNLD1 Women’s National League Division 1 2021-22

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SIWP WNLD1 Swim Ireland Water Polo Women's National League Division 1 2021-22


Table compiled automatically from results. For Official Table Please visit Ireland Water Polo website at: [References: 1]Note: Drogheda finish ahead of Cathal Brugha based on Head-to-HeadResults: November 6 2021: Drogheda 8 Cathal Brugha 7; March 26 2022: Cathal Brugha 4 Drogheda 4.


For Official Results Please visit Ireland Water Polo website at: [References: 1]

Monthly Recaps

September & October 2021 Recap

St. Vincent’s (Glasnevin, Dublin), as expected having dominated Women’s Water Polo in Ireland over the previous few years, were on top of the 2021-22 Swim Ireland Water Polo Women’s National League Division 1 Table with three wins from three. They were closely followed by Tribes (Galway), North Dublin and Diamonds (Belfast) all with two wins, though each had at least one loss (Diamonds had two losses). North Dublin had also drawn a game with Cathal Brugha which was the Belfast teams only points so far. Drogheda (Co. Louth, Leinster) were pointless although had a crunch early season relagation six-pointer versus Cathal Brugha coming up in the first week of November. [References: 1-2]

November / December 2021 Recap

St. Vincent’s continued on winning ways with an 11-8 defeat of North Dublin while Tribes kept pace with the Northside Dublin team with a 10-5 win at Drogheda. The victories put both teams on 12 points, although St. Vincent’s are unbeaten with a game in hand. With only one game in December, Tribes WPC defeated Diamonds WPC 12-3 to put Tribes on top on points. [References: 1-2]

January 2022 Recap

In what was due to be a crucial game at the top of the table, Tribes forfeited their game away to St. Vincent’s WPC, and Drogheda found enough to defeat North Dublin 7-6 to gain a crucial three points with the other four teams apart from St. Vincent’s and Tribes battling against relegation amongst themselves. Later in January Tribes were defeated heavily 2-11 by Cathal Brugha, and with St. Vincent’s winning two games by putting up a big score, 18-6 at Diamonds WPC and 14-9 at home to Drogheda WPC although the latter game was closer than would have been expected given the two teams positions in the table. [References: 1-2]

February / March 2022 Recap

With only two games in February, Drogheda WPC kept up their recent good form, defeating Diamonds WPC 9-2, and St. Vincent’s continued their march to a perfect league season with a 10-5 victory at Northside rivals North Dublin. On the 5th March, St. Vincent’s won big again, 17-6 at Cathal Brugha to leave the Belfast team at the bottom of the table on four points. The relegation battle was proving more interesting than the title fight, which had already been won by the Glasnevin team. Drogheda WPC were on 9 Points; North Dublin 7 points; Diamonds WPC 6 points and Cathal Brugha 4 points, with an average of three games to go (Cathal Brugha had four games left and Drogheda WPC two games left). [References: 1-2]

April / May 2022 Recap

In the first weekend of April, St. Vincent’s completed their perfect league season, winning 10 of 10 matches with a 13-6 victory at Drogheda WPC, who remained third, but just behind were Diamonds WPC, the Belfast team winning a vital match 15-7 versus Tribes WPC of Galway, who remained second with Diamonds moving above North Dublin into fourth. Cathal Brugha, also of Belfast remained sixth. Cathal Brugha drew two games in a row at the end of March and beginning of April with a 7-7 draw at Tribes WPC on the 9th of April coming two weeks after a 4-4 draw at home to Drogheda WPC, giving them some hope in the relegation battle. The season finished out with a mini-round-robin between Cathal Brugha, Diamonds and North Dublin, which would decide third to sixth places in the table and relegation. First Diamonds defeated North Dublin 8-7 on 23 April and then Cathal Brugha won 7-4 versus Diamonds on 30 April before drawing the final match of the season 5-5 with North Dublin on 7th May. This left Diamonds in third on 12 points, Drogheda in fourth on 10 points ahead of Cathal Brugha on head-to-head and North Dublin in sixth on 8 points. [References: 1-2]

Administrative Map of Ireland Water Polo WNLD1 Teams 2021-22

Eirball’s Map of Ireland Water Polo Women’s National League Division 1 Teams 2021-22 [References: M-WP2]

[M-WP2] Vector Contributor Rainer Lesniewski (2022) administrative map of Ireland and Northern Ireland [Internet] Available from: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/administrative-map-ireland-northern-1665171421 [Last Accessed 11 August 2022][Overlaid with Map of Dublin isolated from: Vector — Map of Ireland administrative divisions on counties level Copyright: lesniewski [Internet] Available from: https://www.123rf.com/photo_51580818_map-of-ireland-administrative-divisions-on-counties-level.html?vti=lnoo9k86jx77fg2u6b-1-1 [Accessed 10 January 2022][Ireland Water Polo Team Logos added by Enda Mulcahy for Eirball – see References WP-3 to WP-11]

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Water polo player in action during the women match between

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