Scandinavian Baseball


Pesapallo is the Finnish version of Baseball and is their National Sport. It has an unusual form of pitching and players run zig-zags through bases. There is a game played on their National Holiday every year at the Finnish Embassy in Ireland.

Here is a Video of the sport from the New York Times, as shared by the Irish-Finnish Society on Facebook [Accessed 27 June 2019]

FINLAND – CIRCA 1995: a stamp printed in the Finland shows Paivi Ikola, Pesapallo Player, National Sport of Finland, circa 1995


Pesapallo (Finland)

Pessapallo (Finland); Brannboll (Denmark)

Finnish Pesapallo Super Pesis:

Finnish Pesapallo Super Pesis:


Irish Pesapallo Matches

Pesapallo on Independence Day at the Finnish Embassy in Ireland 6 December