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Irish Rugby League

Rugby League is most popular in Australia and Northern England. It differs from Rugby Union in having two less players (13 as opposed to 15) and no scrums or lineouts.

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This is the Archive of Irish Rugby League and Wheelchair Rugby. It is an Ongoing Project and is part of the – Irish All-Sports Archives

It has been played in Ireland since Rugby Union players set up the Dublin Blues in the 1990s as a way of keeping fit during the rugby union off-season. The first Irish Rugby League season was in 1996, but the League didn’t play the 2000 season due to the decision by the Rugby League Authorities in England to no longder fund it. It was restarted in 2001 under a new administration: Rugby League Ireland.

In 2007 a separate Elite League was created with the Emerald Conference as a second level. Folowing this experiment the All-Ireland Championships were reinstated in 1010, featuring Leinster, Munster and Ulster Leagues, with an All Ireland Playoff. There is currently a League run on Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland basis with an All-Ireland Grand Final.

There is also EuroTag – a European version of Tag Rugby and RL Nines – full contact but with reduced numbers.

Below you will find links to the Results and Tables of various competitions in Ireland and involving Irish teams.

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Chester Rugby Club