Olympic Games & Fitness

Olympic Sports include Athletics (Track & Field), Swimming, Winter Sports, X-Games, Gymnastics, Weightlifting, and Strength. Variations on these Sports such as Sea Swimming (Liffey Swim), and Hill Running are also covered here. Fitness sports include the Cross-Fit Games, Cheer Sport, Orienteering and Caving. For other Olympic Sports such as Golf and Soccer please see the Sections dedicated to these sports in the two Navigation Bars.


Athletics has a long and distinguished presence in Ireland, with numerous Summer Olympics Medal winners. It is also known as Track & Field. Other disciplines include Mountain Running

Track & Field

Mountain Running

Swim Ireland

The Olympic Games is the pinnacle of an Athletes career and Irish Swimmers have been winning Medals at the Olympic Games since 1924. The Irish Open Swimming Championships are one of the highlights of the Irish Swimming Calendar.

Open Sea Swimming

The Dublin City Liffey Swim was first raced in 1920 and was the first of its kind in the World.


There is a small amount of Winter Sports in Ireland. Apart from the Ice Hockey & Inline Hockey Leagues and Curling there is also an artificial Ski Slope at Kilternan in Dublin, and Irish Teams have entered Ice Skating and Bobsleigh competitions abroad.


Ireland Hosted the first European Surfing Championships in 1972.

Wall Climbing

The Irish Bouldering League is under Mountaineering Ireland and is run over 5 Competitions each year, with 30 problems to be solved in each competition. Points are scored from 10 Points to 1 depending on which attempt a climber solves a problem (10 Pts for 1st Attempt, 7 Pts for 2nd Attempt etc) [See Articles for References]


Gymastics Ireland is the National Governing Body for the Olympic Sport in Ireland. It is a member of the Federation of International Gymnastics.


The Irish Strength Association runs Strongman and Strongwoman competitions in Ireland, as well as sending representatives to the Ultimate Strength World Championships and other Strength Competitions Worldwide.

Cross-Fit Games

Fitness is the sport where contestants engage in a series of timed exercises, performance and tasks.The Cross-Fit Games are the World Championships of the sport, sponsored by Reebok.


Orienteering combines running with the discipline of Map Reading, whereby teams of players must find pre-set stations around a course, usually in an Outdoors Area, and return home in the quickest time. Penalties occur when a station is not reached in the correct order.

Orienteering Ireland organises Leagues in Leinster, Munster, the South East, Dublin and Kerry.


The Speleological Union of Ireland governs Caving in Ireland, which its’ website says is diverse and welcoming. There are 10 active Caving Clubs in Ireland, including 5 Student Clubs. There are caves in almost every part of Ireland with some as long as the 16km passage in Pollnagollum, Co. Clare, with the largest concentration in Co. Clare (Munster) and Co. Fermanagh and Co. Cavan (Ulster). There are new caves discovered all the time and caves yet to be discovered.