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Men’s Lacrosse is a 10-v-10 version of the game, originally played by Native Americans in the Eastern Woodlands cultural region of Native North America (Eastern Canada & Upstate New York, New England).

The first known team in Ireland was in Newtownards, Co. Down, and there was a Championship in Ireland from the late 19th Century to World War I, and it was then resurrected in the early 2000s, with an International team, and the Irish Lacrosse League. The Newtownards Cup is also now played, named after the town with the first club.

Men’s Lacrosse (International)

Ireland Lacrosse; Irish Lacrosse Association; European Lacrosse Federation;

Federation of International Lacrosse

FIL Men’s World Lacrosse Championships (Editions):    2018 2006 2002

European Lacrosse Federation

ELF Men’s European Lacrosse Championships (Editions):  2004 2001 (Pending review)

ELF Men’s U20 European Lacrosse Championships (Editions): 2019

Celtic Cup

Celtic Cup (Editions): 2005 (pending Review) 2013 2009

International Lacrosse Union (1881-1899)

International Lacrosse Union Ireland v England 1881-1899

Irish Counties v South of England Representative Lacrosse Matches 1901 (pending Review)

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Irish Men’s Lacrosse Teams

Irish Men’s Lacrosse Teams

Team Histories (Including Results) and [ Season Rosters & Match Reports]

Ireland Lacrosse Men’s National Team 2002-Present (pending review)

Ireland Men’s Lacrosse World Championship

 [ Perth 2002 ][ London Ontario 2006 ] [ Manchester England 2010 ][ Denver, Colorado 2014 ][ Israel 2018 ] (Pending Review)

Ireland Men’s Lacrosse Celtic Cup:

Celtic Cup 2013

Dublin Bay Prawns: [ 2011-12 ] (pending Review)