Country & Western

Country & Western sports include Ploughing (The National Ploughing Championships) and Jousting which take part in Ireland, as well as Wild West sports such as Rodeo (Texas State Sport), Pack Burro Racing (Donkeys – Colorado State Sport), Cowboy Polo (started in New Mexico but now only played in Montana) and Dog Mushing (Alaska State Sport)


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National Ploughing Championships

National Ploughing Championships Five Nations

NPC 5 Nations Reversible Plough Class (seasons):  2019

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Wild West & Rodeo

There are a few different American Sports such as Rodeo in Texas which are Official State Sports. Others include Alaska Dog Mushing (racing with a Husky and Sled), Colorado Pack Burro Racing (racing a donkey with supplies up a mountain), and Cowboy Polo (originally started in New Mexico but now only played in Montana).

cowboy riding a bull during a rodeo event

Wild West & Rodeo

PRCA, Western Pack Burro Ass-ociation

Texas Rodeo

PRCA Rodeo World Championships (Years): 2013

Western Pack Burro Ass-ociation

Western Pack Burro Ass-ociation Race Winners 2010-Present

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[2] Photo by @coldbeer on