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Welcome to the Contact and Combat Sports – All-Time Archive of Irish Boxing, Wrestling, Martial Arts, Sword Fighting and Modern Team Combat Results. As this is part of the Eirball – Irish North American and World Sports Archives the main focus shall be sports such as Celtic Wrestling, WWE Wrestling, Boxing-UFC Compromise Rules, Kickboxing, Fencing, Gladiating, Jugger, Paintball / Airsoft, Laser Tag (Quasar) and Capture the Flag which originated either in Ireland, USA, or somewhere else around the World (i.e. Asia, Latin America and Africa). Particular attention shall also be paid to European Sports which are either Traditional and Ancient or Modern 21st Century Sports (such as Jugger).

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Variations on Boxing include Olympic / Professional Boxing, Bare-Knuckle Boxing (currently not sanctioned), UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and Kickboxing

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Boxing and Fighting

Variations on Boxing include Olympic / Professional Boxing, Bare-Knuckle Boxing (currently not sanctioned), UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and Kickboxing

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Ireland’s most successful Olympic Sport.

red boxing gloves
female athlete standing on boxing ring

Ultimate Fighting

Ultimate Fighting is a modern take on Boxing and other fighting games that originated in USA.

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Modified Rules Boxing-Ultimate Fighting

The first Modified Rules Boxing-Ultimate Fighting fight took place between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Conor McGregor, with two events – one Boxing and one Ultimate Fighting taking place in the fight, held on different nights. It follows the Irish tradition of Compromise Rules between Gaelic Athletic Association sports and other sports such as Australian Football, Shinty, Pelota, Baseball & Softball, Lacrosse and Golf.

rivals fighting in the ring

Kickboxing (Thailand)

Kickboxing originated in Thailand. Kicks as well as punches are allowed, as are a variety of weapons.

woman in black shirt and black shorts carrying black leather shoulder bag


Competitive Wresling dates back to at least the Original Olympic Games in Athens, Ancient Greece. Another Ancient versions of Wrestling is Sumo (Japan). Modern versions include Olympic (Greco-Roman), WWE (American), Lucha Libre (Mexico), and indeed also Mud Wrestling (England) and Jelly Wrestling (Ireland).

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WWE Wrestling (USA)

World Wrestling Entertainment is the Modern American made-for-TV version of wrestling.

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Olympic Wrestling (Greco-Roman)

Olympic Wrestling is the version which dates back to Ancient Greece and Rome and the original Olympic Games. It is the version in the Modern Olympics also.

two men wrestling on a mat

Sumo (Japan)

John Gunning was the first Irishman to compete in the Sumo World Championships for Ireland

grayscale photo of a sumo wrestling match

Lucha Libre (Mexico)

Mexican version of WWE Wrestling

Lucha Libre Masks


Fencing is a renaissance sword-fighting sport. Gladiating is the ancient version revived for TV in Gladiators and Armoured Combat is the medieval version of sword-fighting.


Fencing Ireland organises a number of tournaments per year.

people in playing fencing


Gladiating is a fun version of the ancient Roman military combat as was seen on US and British TV Programs from the 1990s onwards. Various types of combat or adventure-like tasks are engaged in by teams of players.

grayscale photo of man holding a sword

Medieval Armoured Combat

photo of men holding weapons

Martial Arts

There are a number of different Martial Arts in Ireland, the most popular of which are Karate, Judo & Taekwondo.

grayscale photo of men doing karate
a woman in karate position


Jugger is like a cross between American Football and Medieval Combat. It is a team Sport where the objective is to get a skull from the middle of the field into a zone at the opposing teams end. There are five players on each team, four of whom are paired off fightning each other with padded weapons such as swords.

When a player is ‘killed’ in these fights he has to kneel down and is out of the game for that particular round. The Fifth person is the Qwick. His job is to get the skull from the middle of the field past the opposing Qwick into a zone at their opponents endzone. He can only advance the skull once the other teams fighters are all dead. The team which scores the most skull touchdowns is the winner.

Below you will find links to Tournaments involving Irish Teams:

multicolored skull decor


Paintball and Airsoft are Team Combat sports where pellet guns are used to ‘kill’ an opponent. There are usually a number of objectives to be met i each game, which can score points for the team completing the objective. The sport is usually played in a number of scenarios such as World War II Village, Desert Town, Woodlands, Wild West etc.

The main difference in the guns used are paint guns for Paintball and Woodsball, and hard pellets for Airsoft. Paintball was invented in New England, USA and Airsoft in Japan. Below you will find links to various tournaments and leagues in these sports

people police military adult

Laser Tag (Quasar)

Laser Tag games were invented in Texas, USA, and the most recognizable to Irish readers would be Quasar. The sport is one where two teams engage each other in combat in an indoor arena using Laser Guns. Points are scored for ‘killing’ an opponent and meeting objectives such as capturing bases.

Below you will find links to various Tournaments held in Ireland, or involving Irish Teams and Players:

man in blue and white plaid long sleeve shirt wearing black sunglasses

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag is Information Security Competitions, a kind of Sport for Computer Combat. There are three common types of CTF Competitions: Jeopardy, Attack-Defense, and Mixed

Jeopardy Competitions have a number of Tasks (questions) such as Web, Forensic, Crypto or Binary. Teams gain points for completed tasks, the harder the task, the more points.

Attack-Defense is another scenario, whereby teams have their own network (or only one host) with vulnerable services. Teams have a time limit for developing services and developing exploits. Then the organisers connect the competitors and the Wargame starts. Points are gained for Defense (protecting own services) and Attack (hacking opponents services).

Mixed employ both Jeopardy and Attack-Defense scenarios.

Capture the Flag games touch on a number of different aspects of information security, such as Cryptography, Stego, Binary Analysis, Reverse Engineering and Mobile Security.

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